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Our Strategy

Cole Wealth’s Investment Team offers reliable investment advice through strategic asset allocation and personalized portfolio construction. They develop transparent guidelines to meet diverse client goals, manage risks comprehensively, and ensure consistent decision-making. The team monitors portfolios closely, rebalances to manage risks, and maintains a disciplined investment approach.

Personalized Investment Strategies Aligned with Your Goals.

At CWM, we recognize that your investment approach needs to be as individual as your financial journey. Our experienced investment team is deeply engaged in market analysis, manager evaluation, and strategic investment planning. Working hand-in-hand with your advisor, we create a tailored strategy that addresses your portfolio's performance, tax efficiency, and risk appetite, all aimed at helping you reach your personal financial objectives.

Although our portfolios are tailored to meet individual client needs, our advisors and investment team adhere to fundamental principles:

  • Diversification is crucial for minimizing investment risk.
  • Asset allocation significantly influences long-term performance.
  • Minimizing turnover is essential.
  • Investments should be evaluated in the context of the entire portfolio.
  • Passive strategies are available for keeping fees low and managing risk.
  • Active strategies are available to attempt to outperform the market.
  • Simple, transparent, and liquid investments are preferable to trendy options.

Our disciplined strategy prevents us from chasing market trends, timing the market, or dismissing asset managers due to short-term fluctuations in performance.

Investment Team Goals

Design portfolios based on clients' growth or income goals, investment time horizon, and acceptable risk level.

Create personalized diversification and investment selection strategies guided by each client's unique criteria.

Recommend setting aside an emergency cash reserve for 6-12 months' liquidity needs using money market funds or equivalents.

Construct portfolios with a mix of fixed-income securities and high-quality stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds, tailored to each client's specific financial situation.

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