Financial Planning

Attentive. Detailed. Comprehensive.

Cole Wealth develops bespoke financial plans that are attentive, detailed, and comprehensive. Our process begins with an understanding of your unique goals and priorities, allowing us to create a customized roadmap. This personalized approach ensures that we provide ongoing support and guidance tailored to your evolving needs, helping you achieve your financial aspirations over the long term.

Our Financial Planning Process

Phase 1

Gather Data & Set Goals

  • Discuss and identify your personal financial goals.
  • Gather information to understand your current financial picture
  • Evaluate your time horizon and risk tolerance

Phase 2

Analyze & Propose Solutions

  • Design and review an individual plan with recommendations for asset distribution.
  • Examine the investment approach and its practical application.

Phase 3

Implement Action Steps

  • Develop a timeline for attaining financial goals and putting the investment strategy into action.
  • Combine assets and implement the investment plan with tax efficiency.
  • Collaborate with legal, accounting, and other professionals as needed.

Phase 4

Review Progress

  • Establish a suitable schedule for regular reviews.
  • Propose updates to the overall plan and investment allocations.
  • Maintain the strategy with consistent risk reviews and rebalancing efforts.

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