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Although we serve a diverse range of investors at different stages of their financial paths, our extensive team has cultivated specialized skills and practices. Below are some of the client types we support with dedicated expertise and experience.

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What We Do.

We recognize that along with financial success comes increased responsibilities and complexity. At Cole Wealth Management LLC (“CWM”), we provide a holistic approach to managing all aspects of our clients’ financial picture.  By doing so, we can uncover the critical interdependencies among investments, income and taxes, providing for retirement, expense management, insurance, as well as business counseling and philanthropic decision-making.  We recognize that our clients’ unique financial needs and goals change over time, so we offer a full range of financial planning and investment services.  

Why We Stand Out.

At CWM, we distinguish ourselves from competitors through several key aspects. Firstly, we are compensated through advice fees, ensuring we act in our clients' best interests, unlike many brokerage houses or large financial services companies that rely on product commissions, often with hidden fees and kickbacks. Secondly, we offer customized financial planning and investment solutions tailored to each client's unique goals, unlike the "cookie-cutter" approaches of many competitors. Thirdly, we provide superior ongoing advice and service, earning our revenue over time by maintaining strong client relationships, creating a win-win model where our success aligns with our clients' success. Lastly, we are a progressive and agile firm, constantly seeking new information and opportunities to enhance value for our clients, unlike our slower-moving Fortune 500 competitors.

This can be summarized in the following points:

  • Compensation through advice fees, ensuring client-first decisions
  • Customized financial planning and investment solutions
  • Superior ongoing advice and service, maintaining strong client relationships
  • Progressive and agile, always seeking new strategies and opportunities

CWM sets itself apart from competitors through a client-focused, fee-based model, allowing us to offer the most prudent and effective financial guidance.

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